Waverly Hills – Louisville KY

Our group has investigated Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY just about every year since 2006.  Some investigations have been pretty quiet and others have been active.  You never can tell what the night will bring and unfortunately, ghosts don’t perform on demand.

Posted below are some EVPs we have captured at Waverly Hills over the years.  As always, if we hear a voice I will put what we think it says in “invisible ink” at the end of the description.  To see the “invisible ink”, click and drag the space after “here’s what we think it says”.  But I invite you to listen to the clip BEFORE you read our interpretation!


This first EVP was captured on the 2nd floor in 2013.  The first voice you hear is not one of ours.   Here’s what we think it says:  have a seat