Benton Farm – Walton KY



The Benton Family Farm sits just off Highway 25 on Old Lexington Pike in Walton, KY.  Throughout the year they host school field trips, weddings, birthday parties and tours in addition to being a working farm.  In the fall, they have Pumpkin Days on the weekends and the Haunted Farm House haunted house attraction on Friday and Saturday nights in October.


I researched the history of the farm and found that several deaths may have occurred on the property or in the house.  The most publicized was the death of the son of a prominent doctor in Walton.  William C Ryle died on the farm in July 1943 from injuries sustained in a farming accident.  Dr. Ryle also used the house for his medical practice.  It may be unlikely, but it is possible that an ill patient of his could have died in the house.  There also may have been 2 or 3 other people who died in the house in the early 1900s.



In 2013 we contacted them to see if we could set up a table during their haunted house event.  They were gracious enough to let us do that and asked us if we would like to investigate the old farmhouse as well!  They had many reports of activity from people working to set up the house.  Everything from bumps and door slams, to apparitions and whispers.  Even a hammer being moved (thrown?) across a room.

We investigated the farmhouse on 3 different nights and had activity each night.  We heard knocks and doors closing.  We also caught several EVPs. Many of those voices sound like a child.  There are rumors of a child dying on the property, but through our research we could not find any evidence to support that.



Here are a few of the EVPs we captured during multiple investigations in October 2013.

After you hear “please no pitchforks after what I said”, you can hear what sounds like a child giggling.


This sounds like a child’s voice at the very beginning of the clip.  I was having trouble getting my recorder to turn on which is why there is no “lead in” to the EVP.


I don’t normally like to post random bumps and knocks, but you can hear that it was absolutely still and quiet in the house when we heard a door slam.


This one is toward the end.  After you hear “Aubrey’s kinda lonely too” you hear what sounds like a child whining or humming.


The next two were cut in half.  The first one you can hear a humming sound after “you’re not supposed to answer”.  Someone asks if anybody heard the hum and the suggestion of it being someone’s stomach is offered, but that was not the sound.

The second clip is just a few seconds later and you hear the same sound just after the male voice saying “do you like when we talk to you”


Many thanks to Mary Benton Marcum and the entire Benton Farm family for allowing us to investigate.  Please visit their webpage by clicking HERE.