What to expect

It shouldn’t be scary!

Inviting a paranormal group into your home or business can be a scary decision for many people.  First of all, you are soon going to have validation of things you may have been hoping were “all in your head”.  Or you may be afraid we won’t find anything and think you are crazy.  But please, relax! We are here to help you and make this process as smooth as possible.

We encourage anyone who is considering scheduling an investigation with us to thoroughly read this section of our webpage. (hover your pointer over “what to expect” in the menu bar)  It gives just about every detail you could ask for regarding all phases of the investigation process.  And if you have a question about something we did not cover here, e-mail us and ask!

There are many groups in this area and we appreciate that you are considering us.  I doubt you will find a more professional group.  We have a very strict set of rules and a Code of Conduct that all investigators must agree to when they join the group.

We are very open-minded, even though we enter every investigation with skepticism.  We have to look for logical explanations first, and then consider the paranormal for things that cannot be explained.

So, please, take a few minutes to read this section of our web page and feel free to contact us with any questions!